Clem Labine & Jack Morris

Graham Womack’s recent blog post Why do people still think Jack Morris pitched to the score? got me wondering about a side point. Has anyone besides Jack Morris ever thrown 10 shutout innings in an elimination game in the World Series with a final score of 1-0? Sure enough, someone has and that someone was someone most fans probably never heard of — Clem Labine.

Back in 1956, the Dodgers would’ve lost the series but Clem threw a gem and held off the Yankees offense for 10 solid innings of a 0-0 tie, to keep Brooklyn’s hope alive. In fact, he gave up the same number of hits & walks that Morris did in 1991’s game 7 while facing the exact same number of batters. It’s a very close comparison.

So as great as Morris’s performance was on that October night in 1991, it was not so unique that it couldn’t have been done by someone else in a similar situation.

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