Eureeka Uribe!

Very fitting that Juan Uribe powers Dodgers to NLCS. He’s got to be the most underrated guy on the team this season.

I remember watching a Dodgers game on the final weekend of the season and there was this poll – who was the best Dodger of the year? They gave three choices & you could text in your answer. The choices were Clayton Kershaw, Adrian Gonzalez, & Hanley Ramirez.

That was pretty surprising to me at the time, ’cause all season long, I’d kept noticing that Uribe and Yasiel Puig were two of the reasons the team was doing so well and yet they weren’t even included. In fact, the team leaders in WAR are:

2013 Dodgers WAR Leaders
Player fWAR rWAR
Clayton Kershaw 6.5 7.9
Juan Uribe 5.1 4.1
Hanley Ramirez 5.1 5.4
Yasiel Puig 4.0 5.0
Adrian Gonzalez 2.8 3.9