Pirates Attendance

The Pirates recently broke the 2,000,000 mark in attendance for the season. Shockingly, it’s only the 5th time they’ve reached that mark in franchise history.

  • 2,464,870 in 2001
  • 2,091,918 in 2012
  • 2,065,302 in 1991
  • 2,049,908 in 1990
  • 2,043,763 in 2013 (with 7 more home games to play)

It’s not too surprising that the top season was their first in a new ballpark, or seeing a pair of those early 1990’s teams when the Killer B’s ruled the NL East from the Alleghany. Surprisingly though, none of these seasons are in any of their championship seasons or a season following a championship. I really expected to see 1960, 1971, 1979 or 1980 in here too.

This year’s team is actually about to have the 2nd most attendance for any Pirates team in history. They’re averaging 27,618 per game, and they only need 24,078 for tonight & tomorrow’s games, to be 2nd on this list.