Cabrera’s Never Been Better Than Trout

I just noticed that Mike Trout has 7.8 rWAR this season, after earning 10.7 rWAR last year. Miguel Cabrera’s highest rWAR in any season of his career, was 7.6 (in 2011). Right now, Cabrera has 7.0, so he has a chance to have a Mike Trout type season with 1 month to go. Although, it’s doubtful that he can make up 0.8 rWAR and whatever extra he needs to match whatever Trout earns this month.

Looking at fWAR, there’s a similar story. Trout’s earned fWAR’s of 10 in 2012 and 8.8 so far this season. Cabrera has never done better than 7.7 fWAR, which is this season, with a month still left to go.

No matter how you look at it, according to WAR, Trout’s already had 2 better seasons than any season Miguel Cabrera has ever managed.

One thought on “Cabrera’s Never Been Better Than Trout

  1. Daniel

    Oh! And one last thing people point to the ritary of the Triple Crown in Cabrera’s favor, but I believe players winning Rookie of the Year and the MVP award are more rare historically.I think Trout and Bobby Bonds are the only players ever to hit 30 home runs and steal 45+ bases in a season.

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