Cabrera vs Trout

Dave Cameron has an interesting article at Fangraphs, Trout and Cabrera: Here We Go Again, which is well worth the read. He concludes that Trout’s the better player, but, I think the stats make a strong argument for Cabrera as the slightly more valuable player so far—

2013 Season, Through August 4th
Miguel Cabrera 6.9 5.9 56.54 4.22 21.47 .360 .455 .668
Mike Trout 6.4 5.6 51.84 3.19 17.01 .329 .419 .568

I’m a big fan of RE24 & WPA. If you’re not familiar with those stats, you should read Get To Know: RE24 and Get to Know: WPA. I believe they are two of the most telling statistics. I don’t believe RBI totals say much about a batter, but that their RBI % actually tells us something.

One thought on “Cabrera vs Trout

  1. Aan

    Those favoring Trout think that his far sueoripr fielding tips the tables to him. Cabrera moved to third to make room for Prince Fielder at first. Yes, he made a fair number of errors, but his willingness to do what the team needed should also be taken into account. Do off the field matters count? The dui in Florida might tip the scales, but should it?

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