The Rays Are Shining

You’ve probably noticed by now that the Rays are 21-4 (.840) in the past month. They catapulted from observers to contenders, even reaching 1st place in the AL East for a day before their loss in New York yesterday. We all know Tampa’s good, but how have they just suddenly turned it up a notch?

If you’re like me, you probably figure the offense caught fire by way of an Evan Longoria spark. Yet, that couldn’t be more wrong. The Rays are pulling this hot streak off, with a slumping Longoria. He’s batting .200/.299/.365 during these last 25 games.

That should probably scare fans in New York, Boston, and Baltimore. After all, Tampa’s usually good, but now it seems like they’ve learned how to win without relying on Longoria to carry the offense.

The guys leading the team through this, are an aging Luke Scott (.324/.405/.632), James Loney (.361/.389/.458), and rookie Wil Myers (.348/.378/.551). Kind of a weird mix, but it kind of makes sense too. Those three lead the team in OBP during the team’s heat wave.

On the pitching side of things, guys like David Price, Matt Moore, and Fernando Rodney, are doing their jobs as we’d expect. Then there’s some unknowns who are stepping it up alongside them. Middle reliever Alex Torres hasn’t allowed any runs, earned or unearned, in his past 10 1/3. You should also note that he’s striking out 8.71 batters per 9 IP. Starter Chris Archer, is 4-0 with 2 shutouts, on the strength of a 1.29 ERA.

Tonight, the Rays are in Boston, to play the division leading Red Sox. There’s only a half game difference between them right now. This should be good.