Greinke Is Pitching AND Batting

I just noticed that in the past month (6/22 – 7/21), Zack Greinke’s really hot. He’s doing it from the mound, which isn’t much of a surprise, but he’s also doing it from the batters box.

Among pitchers (min. 35 IP), he’s thrown the 2nd most innings of any pitcher, going 5-0, with a 2.36 ERA. His K/BB is 2.4. He’s only really pitched one bad game, but that was in Colorado. Impressively, since that game, he’s only allowed 1 run in 22 IP.

More surprisingly though, is what he’s been doing at the plate. Greinke’s batting .538/.625/.692 in 18 PA. Not many pitchers ever get a hot streak with the bat where they draw 3 walks & pepper a couple doubles into the mix while going 7 for 13 over the course of 18 PA. In fact, comparing it with all batters (min. 10 PA) during this period, Greinke’s been the best at getting on base. Of course that’s small sample size, but he doesn’t get to hit too often since his main deal is to pitch. Still impressive.

So for the season, Greinke’s batting average is up to .406, which is by far the best he’s done in any season with more than 2 PA’s. I think the last time a pitcher hit .400 was Walter Johnson in 1925, when he hit .433 in 107 PA. Greinke will probably only get up to the plate around 50-70 times, but he could still end up with one of the greatest hitting seasons by any regular pitcher. What will probably get less attention, but is more important, is that Greinke’s already drawn more walks than Walter Johnson did.