Will Pittsburgh Collapse Again This Year?

I was watching the Pirates beat up Milwaukee last night, and thought “Wow, these guys are lookin’ pretty good right now.”

As of this morning, the Pirates can go just 57-64, to win half their games this season. Two years ago, at the point in their season, they would’ve needed to go 63-58. They rose up, and fell fast, ending up with just 54 more W’s. Last year, after 41 games, they weren’t much better. They needed to go 62-59 to make the 81-81 mark.

Of course, I’m hesitant to believe they’ll manage 81 wins ’cause a) it’s too soon, and b) they keep collapsing in late July/early August. On the other hand, they looked pretty good last night. Better than I remember them being last season, even when they won. It’s especially encouraging that the team’s 7 games over .500 so early, and that’s with McCutchen in a slump.

If the Pirates can keep winning when McCutchen’s not carrying them, then they’ll definitely end their streak of losing seasons. That’s probably stating the obvious, but really, that would mean the team’s capable of being a team, not just a team surrounding a star.

If you look at their batters, there’s 4 guys in the lineup with OBP’s over .350, and none of them are Andrew McCutchen. He’ll come around, but it’s great to see the team being more than McCutchen. On the other side of the ball, 3 of the team’s starters have ERA’s 3.25 and under. So this isn’t like they’re winning by accident or by beating teams that are in slumps, they’re actually playing well and being productive.

I’ll probably have more in-depth stuff to say about the Pirates as the season goes on, but right now I just want to say they’re starting off on he right foot. And if/when they win their 81st game, they should celebrate on the field like they just won the World Series. I don’t think anybody would hold it against them.