Why the Tigers Keep Winning

Entering tonight’s games, the top 4 pitchers in the majors, ranked by FIP—

FIP WAR Pitcher Team
1.46 2.2 Anibal Sanchez Tigers
1.87 2.2 Adam Wainwright Cardinals
1.88 2.0 Max Scherzer Tigers
2.08 2.1 Justin Verlander Tigers

They probably won’t keep this up all year, but if they stay somewhere in the vicinity, nobody’s going to want to face them ever again. Awesome start to the season for the Tigers starters. If you look at the top 20, you’ll see another Tiger too, Doug Fister, at #19 with a 3.02 FIP.

in support of the pitching, the offense is doing it’s job. They rank #1 in the AL in BA & OBP, #2 in Runs, #3 in Walks, and #4 in slugging.