Impressive Pitching Performances Friday Night

Alex Cobb used 117 pitches in 4 2/3 IP, striking out 13 of 23 BF. I’d like to see a Pitch/FX analysis on that one. He even managed to get 4 strikeouts in one of the innings. His only problem was that he threw way too many pitches and had to come out of the game so early.

Meanwhile, in Boston and St Louis, both Jon Lester & Shelby Miller, tossed 1 hitters. Actually, that’s kind of a misleading way to put it — they only allowed a single base runner all game. No walks and no reaching on errors.

Lester did it against the Blue Jays. His lone runner was due to a double in the 6th. Impressively, he only threw 58 pitches through the 5th inning.

Miller on the other hand, retired 27 straight batters after giving up a single to start the game. Like Cobb, Miller also struck out 13 batters. He was far more efficient tho, using 113 pitches over 9 innings.

What Miller did, reminds me of what Jerry Reuss did against the Reds in 1982. Reuss gave up a leadoff double, before retiring the next 27. That lone runner (Eddie Milner) came around to score, so people don’t tend to remember this game as a near perfecto. The Dodger defense played a big part in it too, as Reuss only struck out 2 batters.