That Guy Who Stole 1B

That guy who stole first base, Jean Segura, isn’t just a novelty but he’s actually pretty good.

Since September 3, 2012, he’s batting .341/.400/.491 with 12 steals. That’s good for 13th best OBP and 4th in BA, in the majors during that time among batters with 150+ PA. He also stole 12 bases in 14 attempts during that period (85.7% success rate)

Going by Fangraphs WAR, he’s currently 8th in WAR in the majors with 1.5 on the season. He’s also leading the league in triples and steals (doesn’t even count the steal of 1st HAHA). Baseball Reference calculates him to have 1.9 WAR.

Since he had a good end to last season (.321/.391/.423 after 9/2), I’m thinking this isn’t just a case of a fast start to a new season before he fades off. If I’m right, then I hope he gets enough press to get enough votes to go to the All-Star game. I hope fans don’t just pass him off as “that guy who stole 1B”.

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